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New Ministry.

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Hi Friends!

I have now officially joined ERRC and am raising support for my ministry. You can keep up with me via VLOG! This allows you to LISTEN on your drive to the office or while making your family dinner. It’s an easy way for you to keep up with me, my family and my ministry. I hope my journey can be an encouragement to you as we band together as iron sharpens iron. I am thankful for all of you faithful readers. I will continue to write blogs but as the office gets more and more busy with mobilization efforts, these vlogs help me to patch in the gaps where I am too busy to sit and write my heart out to you.

Here are the back-issues thus far:

Vlog #1: Jeung Family Updates

Vlog #2: Who is ERRC?

Vlog#3: Just A Typical Day (in and out of the office)


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My Complacency in American Living 

Just some thoughts from my brain this weekend: 

I remember coming back from Japan (a short term mission) and telling Jessica that I couldn’t imagine myself living the typical American lifestyle, the 9-5 grind and seeking after the American Dream. I had said, “…but the longer I am here, the more okay I am with living the American way.” I feel like I become more complacent and materialistic, beginning to care about the latest and greatest gadgets and wanting that (theoretical) white picket fence. After having a baby, I KNOW that I desire the comfortable lifestyle with a good home, good neighborhood, good car and good school district. When I came back to the bay from Biola and Japan in 2011, I felt like I was looking in from the outside of a fish tank. Now I am swimming with the fish. We are called to be senders right now, but later will we be called to be goers? Will we be willing? 

For now, we focus on sending well and caring for those in the field. We pray, we write encouraging words, we listen to their needs and read their newsletters, and we pray some more. What are some ways you are playing out your role in the great commission? 

Day two

I am sitting in my kitchen with ten minutes Til take off. It’s the first time I’ve ever had time to myself in the morning before the day begins. Usually, the day begins by nursing Nia, giving her breakfast (which undoubtedly ends up a huge mess), playing with Nia, taking her on a morning walk and then bedtime routine for her first nap. His morning, however, I woke up and nursed Nia, played with her and then my husband took her to his dad’s house. I then showered, did my hair, made myself breakfast, downloaded music for the commute to Oakland and caught up on social media. Wow, I feel so young again!

I am extremely thankful for Nates Step Mom and his Dad who are taking care of Nia in our crunch for finding a day care. We found a day care yesterday who we like,  can work with our schedule, AND the main teacher LOvES JESUS! She also use to be a social worker at a center for the elderly. Naturally we connected very well.

My MIl Susan is sending me constant updates wth pictures and video of Nia to reassure me that Nia is doing well. I think Nia loves hanging out with Susan all day.

So today is day two of my trial at ERRC in Oakland. It’s interested that God opened doors for me to go back into a missions mobilization position. This position is different since I’m in charge of the applicants paperwork and processing rather than mobilization. My role is important because these teachers need to get all their medical forms in, get their work visa, and they also get screened for red flags. It’s yet again, another BIG role that I’m praying God equips me well for. It utilizes my organizational skills and my social skills. I’m excited and nervous. If I am a good fit for the organization and the organization is a good fit for me, then I will be raising support. The organization is investing in me by giving me a small salary but since I am the breadwinner for my family as of Nates enrollment in Dental Hygiene school this next year, I need to raise support to be a full time employee with an appropriate wage. This makes me even more anxious…but God cares for even the birds of the air. Right?!

Please pray for us in all these changes and trnaisitons in our family. Thank you! I will post more info about this new ministry role later. 🙂

December 2014 Updates

International student Ministry

Holidays are often thought of as a time to spend with loved ones and family and I hope you get to spend some precious time with your family and loved ones. Many people are discussing shopping and chatting about the great deals they hit-up on Black Friday. Movies and tv shows are addressing the true meaning of Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas seems so polarized that Nate and I are sometimes unsure whether we should laugh or be sad about these commercials, tv shows and public conversations we overhear. Two things which I think our life should entail is integration of our knowledge of the Gospel message into our daily actions and lifestyle, and a holistic perspective on the evangelical needs of the world. We are often so focused on what the needs of other people groups and other nations are, but we forget that Americans are often completely mixed up and need Jesus as well. I hope that every time you hear someone say that Christmas is about family, Santa Claus, presents, etc.,  that your heart would break for your local community and that we might find a way to reach out locally as well as internationally this holiday season. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, the Savior, the God who humbled himself to become a man (talk about incarnational ministry!).

Philippians 2:6-11
“…though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself,  by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

While this month does not hold much for on-campus student mobilization (as students are prioritizing their time for their upcoming finals), I hope that I/we can minister to students, friends and family locally in creative ways.

New items for this month in student ministry:

  • I began attending Thursday night international student ministry near SFSU (though they are students from all over the city). I am hoping to connect with both international students as well as individuals with a heart and mind for international ministries.

  • I am in conversation with a dean from Western Seminary to work on creating a program for OMF members who wish to attend seminary. This partnership will also allow me to come on campus and share with students about mission opportunities.

  • We are hosting four female international students for Christmas brunch! We love to share the love.


Double Your Christmas Gifting

Each year I write a post about how you can double your Christmas gifting by purchasing items that support a cause of some kind. I would like to say that not all causes are created equal. Sounds strange, but think about it. Some business models are more effective than others in supporting the needs of different groups of people, and some ministry models encourage equipping and empowering over “hand-outs”. Below is a list of businesses that are great to purchase from for the sake of doubling your Christmas gift, but I would ecourage you not to purchase blindly. What I mean is, please read about the business and their model for impacting a community in need before purchasing.


Elliefunday.com : 100% organic baby blankets and swaddles that are hand stitched by marginalized women in India, providing fair wage jobs. Each blanket takes about 9 hours. For a limited time, you can also purchase personalized cloth star ornaments that has the year 2014 embroidered on the front.


Zoeclothingcompany.com: A Christian clothing company based out of LA. They support the Zoe International, Orphanages for children who have been saved from child trafficking in Thailand. To purchase clothing to support Zoe International, click here. Zoe clothing also has a special right now for supporting missionaries Matt & Grace who were placed in prison in Qatar and their children placed in an orphanage. You can read more about their story by clicking here.

Freelyinhope.org: By providing women opportunities for education, entrepreneurship and counseling, they strive to uplift women in Kenya out of poverty and decrease the vulnerabilities of sexual abuse. You can support by shopping online for necklaces or cards, or by watching and sharing their videos/stories that are on their webpage.


Heavenlytreasures.org: They equip and assist people in developing countries to break the cycle of poverty through their handiwork and creativity. To check out their online schedule to find where there next pop-up shop will be located, click here.

InfiniteforIndia.com: They sell knitted infinite scarves with the goal of empowering the women of India through education.

Remnantintl.org: Empowering the abused and neglected women of northern Uganda through the trades of screen printing and sewing. You can shop online for apparel, headbands and bags made in Uganda by their ministry.

Shareanddogood.com: This store hosts items from a number of different cause related small businesses. Some brands she carries are the giving keys, krochet kids, 31bits, and fashionABLE. Seriously, when I visit I always think everything is super cute. They do not yet have an online store but you can shop in person at: 110 East Wilshire Avenue #101 Fullerton, CA 92832. Say hi to Lilly for me!



FALL: Prayers for the Ministry

Hello hello friends and ministry supporters!

I returned last Friday from Denver and, phewwwww I am exhausted. It was a breezy 39 degrees when I first arrived, and by breezy I mean “freezing my little toes off” because I wore rainbow sandals instead of boots (I blame #preggobrain). The three days of intensive coaching training was, well, intense. Whether we were learning through lecture or practicing via role play, much knowledge (and hopefully skill) was consumed. Many of our volunteers and active (missionary) retirees that I work with also attended and I am so glad for it. There is such value in the skills of coaching with student inquirers! I hope to see us be much more effective in supporting students on their journey in missions and mission awareness by interacting in a was that is better received by young people today.

The main difference between coaching and mentoring is the idea that, in coaching, we are not trying to place our opinions or “expertise” upon the student but rather equipping them to find the answers and solutions on their own. Young people love to be and feel empowered,  as they should! These students are bright and filled with the ability to learn and grow with or without our aid. It has been a constant mental struggle for me to consider the fact that I have not been a long term missionary on the field EVER, but I am expected to help university students get to where God is calling them on mission field. The only field experience I have is short term missions which I experienced in high school and college. With my background in counseling/psychology, I feel much more equipped to support students through coaching rather than mentoring, as I do not have field-experience to pull from.

Please continue to pray for this ministry! Many students inquire with us and I pray that the Holy Spirit would be at work in both parties to help direct the student to where God will use them and grow them the most. My goal is to see the students grow in their faith most of all. We currently have a team of advocates at ICOM (international conference on missions) in OHIO. Please pray for the students who will be inquiring with OMF International and seeking whether God is leading them to serve in East Asia.

Images from Denver:

We celebrated Megan’s birthday while in Denver! Megan is a writer and editor for OMF International U.S and she also was hosting me for the week. Her roommate, Becky (who works in the short term teams/Serve Asia department) and I made oreo chocolate cupcakes with gummy bears on top for her. She is a very much appreciated colleague and friend.

IMG_9510(1) IMG_9511 IMG_9501





When I arrived home, Nathan and I celebrated with some Dole-Whip at the mall and then went home to take care of Jack, our friend’s dog who we were dog-sitting for the weekend.

IMG_9528 jack jack






Learning to Coach!

whistleWhen we think of the word Coach, perhaps thoughts like sports, fitness, and health come to mind. How can I use coaching in mission mobilization? If we think about it, everyone has a goal they want to reach, whether it is a conscious one or not. Some people want to become health, others want to become wealthy. Students want to graduate and get a fulfilling job and professors want their students to learn and retain the valuable information they are teaching. Coaching can be used in student mobilization in getting a person from where they are now to where they feel God is calling them in missions, whether that is learning, going, working in local international ministry, praying or mobilizing.

This coming week, I will be learning to be a better coach to students and professors as God is calling them to respond to the great commission.

Prayer requests:

  • Health: I do really poorly adjusting to altitude, so please pray that I can remain healthy and physically comfortable so I can focus on learning. I will in Denver for 5 days.
  • Safe travels.
  • Good learning and retention for all those participating.
  • Bonding fellowship with my fellow mobilizers from across the nation.
  • Also for Nathan: traveling doesn’t just affect me but it affects Nate since we are now married (and pregnant!).

Thank you!

APU Review


Hello Friends,

I am back from my visit to Southern California for the Azusa Pacific University “Global Vision Week”. We set up our OMF International booth on the walkway near the cafeteria, which the students called “Missionaries on the Walk”. We had many students come speak to us and share about the vision they have for their life. It is always amazing to hear what students have on their heart and how God is challenging them. The unique challenge that we are searching for among these students is the challenge to say “yes” to missions and international ministry.

DSC_0972I also spent some time having meals with BIOLA students and dropping off our new Fast Track program to professors on campus as well as at Hope International University. For more information on our new Fast Track program for students and recent graduates, visit: http://omf.org/us/go/mid-and-long-term/fast-track-recent-grads/.

We have some amazing volunteers that I got to spend the week with:

Day 1: Cal & Myself manning the booth.

DSC_0960Day 2: Debbie, Sherry, Denny & Myself at the booth.

DSC_0976Day 3: Sherry & I at the booth.

IMG_9289The week in a flash:

IMG_9288 IMG_9287 IMG_9290 IMG_9291 DSC_0981 IMG_9286